We have experienced staying in Saipan in this summer vacation.


In this summer vacation I have experienced homestaying in Saipan.

The first day...after the morning English class we went to Japanese restaurant.
And then we went shopping in DFS Galleria.
My wife and daughters enjoyed shopping.
I was bored and I checked my e-mails at JTB's? room.
And then we went back to our host family.
And we enjoyed having delicious Philippine's meals.

The second day.........after the class we went to Shirley? coffee chop and enjoy shrimp flied rice.
They are so much of volume.
And we moved to American Memorial Park.
I think the movie held there was very good to understand the history of Saipan.
And we went back to host family.
We were so surprised that blackout happened all over Saipan.
Until 1:00 am we have to use candles and cell-phones for light.

The third day..........after the class we had a BBQ party on the beach with my host family.
That was very good for us to enjoy with our host family.

This travel was very short one but we learned Saipan & Philippine's culture.

I’ve been to Expo. 7 times.

I've been to Aichi Expo. 7 times.
I went around all foreign countries' pavilions.
Maybe about 120 pavilions.

I love African pavilions best.
Because African attendants are very kind to us Japanese,
And African pavilions aren not so crowded.
So every time I go to African pavilon.

And I have a small world trip every week.
That's exciting.
If anyone want to go around the world,
please join the foreign pavilons.

Though I've never entered some Japanese companie's pavilions yet.
They are so crowded, and we have to wait for a long time to enter.

Please enjoy the small world trip in Expo. everbody.....

Today I joined the open class in Aichi MIzuho College

Today I joined the open class in Aichi Mizuho College in Toyota city. Today we have 10 members.Our teacher is Prof. Harry Wray.He is one of the most famous teachers in Aichi Mizuho College.From next Thursday we will discuss about "What is an American?".Maybe it will be very difficult for me,but I'll do my best.

Tonight I joined BQQ party.

I joined BQQ party tonight.
About 10 people joined the party.

It was held in one of my friend's house.
I enjoyed the party very well.
We ate many kinds of meets, vegitables and so on.

The members were one Canadian man, one Hong Kong man and many Japanese.
We enjoyed English chat.

I was very happy tonight.
Thank you TomKom.